Tour Du Lich Con Dao, Du Lịch Côn Đảo Giá Rẻ 2014 Tour Du Lich Con Dao, Du Lịch Côn Đảo Giá Rẻ 2014
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Welcome to Con Dao National Park Website! Con Dao National Park belongs to the Special-regime forest system of Vietnam, it is one of six National parks providing protection to both forestry and marine ecology. Con Dao National Park has been assessed by foreign and domestic scientists, scientific organizations and institutes as the one with high potential of biodiversity, a high density of precious, rare, and endemic flora, fauna species; this place has special global significance in marine organisms and terrestrial landscape with its geographical location, therefore: Con Dao has been classified as a highly prioritized conservation area in Vietnam Biodiversity Action Plan and GEF strategy. The World Bank, in their issue titled A Global Representative System of Marine Protected Area, Vol. III, have also considered Con Dao as a prioritized area. The Ministry of Marine Products has been designated by the Government to design and administer the Vietnam MPAs (July 2003); Draft of master plan for all Marine protected areas (MPAs) that is being proceeded to submit to the Prime Minister for final approval, includes 15 marine reserves with Con Dao as a first-rank one. Con Dao has also been introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Forestry Department into the recorded list of Vietnam special-regime forests until 2010.

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