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Dam Tre bay, Con Son island

Beyond the airport at the North end of Con Son Island, is fascinating Bai Dam Tre. A shallow, nearly-enclosed lagoon lined with mangrove forest, Dam Tre offers good possibilities for nature exploration for the more adventurous visitor.
At low tode is possible to walk out into the lagoon exploring the coral and discovering the fish that live amongst it. The bay has a deep hole at its centre and a number of caves at its mouth that can be safely explored with mask and snorkel.
Top tips and wildlife highlight
- Access is possible either by walking from Co Ong ( 2 hour) or by boat ( in the future it may be possible to stay overnight)
- The mangrove forest here is particularly healthy. Watch carefully for the marine life living between the tree roots and the birds that inhabit the canopy above.
- Though not the best coral in Con Dao, it is nevertheless interesting to explore, as is the whole of the bay.
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