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Bay Canh islet

Bay Canh island, actually two separate islands joined in the middle by a wide sand dune,is protected on its north coast by a mangrove forest and coral reefs. This island is one of the major sea turtle nesting sites in Con Dao National Park and so is protection Department trained in turtle conservation. Mother turtles usually come ashore at night to lay their eggs.
During their occupation of Con Dao, the French built a lighthouse that is still in operation at the eastern end of the island. The walk to the top is easy and gives a good viewpoint.
Wildlife highlights
The main nesting season for turtles is May to September (though they nest all year round). When snorkeling over the coral look out for the enormous and distinctive Bumphead Parrot fish that grow to 1.5 metres long. Explore the mangrove forest on the opposite side of the island. Take a closer look at the trees/ special roots that have adapted to living in saltwater, and provide shelter to many kinds of life.
Top Tips
This island is a fantastic place for swimming and snorkeling, bring mask,snorkel and fins.
Ask the Park or your hotel to organise your boat trip (half-an-hour to an hour each way depending on which boat is available).An overnight stay is needed if you want the chance of seeing turtles. Please remember to be quite, don/t touch the rurtles or shine lights or use flash photography in the turtles/s faces. You/ll need a full day here if you want to climd up to the lighthouse.