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Con Dao N. P. Head Quarter - An Hai lake - Thanh Gia mount

From Con Dao N. P. Head Quarter, tourists can come to this interesting spot by car, motobike or bike. This is the route suitable for those tourists who love hiking, nature discovery, sightseeing and relaxing On their way, tourists will pass An Hai lake area, this is one of two fresh-watered lakes providing fresh water for the whole island district.
Tourists will be very surprised and interested at seeing a fresh-water lake right on the island offshore with all the fauna and flora species found in a fresh-watered alluvial area. It will take the tourists more than an hour to conquer the 577m high Thanh Gia mount - this is the highest mount in Con Dao archipelago. On the trail running through the forest to the top of this mount, tourists will see many endemic, rare fauna and flora of Con Dao.
Once coming to the top, tourists will forget all the tiresome they have experienced when they feel the fresh air with very pleasant coolness and seeing a lot of low clouds like smoke around the mount. Particularly from the peak of the mount, tourists can have a panoramic view of the Con Son archipelago at this elevation with the tropical forest coverage, a vast sea area, the islets surrounding the islands, seeing Con Dao townlet and ship operation activities in Con Son bay. Coming back to Con Dao townlet, tourists will go along the trail at the edge of the mount around the residential area of the main island, Con Son, to see more of the local people's living and watching the imposing mount and forests