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Marine organism resources

Con Dao marine area has been introduced into the list of prioritized protected areas in the MPA system of the World Bank.
According to Nha Trang and Hai Phong Institute of Oceanography, Con Dao marine area has greatest richness in species and density of the organisms in Vietnam, with many primitive coral reefs, in recent surveys of the marine organisms, the world top ranking specialized experts can always discover new species for the world and Vietnam.
The regional marine organisms have been listed up to 1392 species, among which; Mangrove forest: 23 species, Algae: 127 species, Seagrass: 9 species, Phytoplankton: 157 species, Zooplankton; 115 species, Coral: 276 species, Mollusc; 187 species, Coral reef fishes; 160 species, Crustacean: 116 species, Echiodermarta: 75 species, Polycheta: 130 species, marine mammals and reptiles: 14 species.
+ Coral reef eco-system: coral reef eco-system develops sturdily at the belt around Con Dao National Park with 276 species, 61 genera, 17 families. It is assumed that the components of the regional coral system in Con Dao are one of the richest in density and biodiversity in Vietnam. The dominant coral species are Acropara, Porites, Pachyseris, Montipora, Panova, the coral eco-system comprises high species biodiversity of fish other marine organisms; this is the egg-laying, breeding, feeding biota for many marine organisms in the southeastern sea of Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region. The coral reefs also have significant meaning in regulating, balancing the volume of oxygen in the seawater and protecting the coastal region of Con Dao.
+ Sea grass eco-system: according to some surveys and researches on Con Dao marine area, there are 09 sea grass species, occupying 69.2% of the total species found in Vietnam (13 species), 02 species more than Singapore and 04 species more than Brunei. The existence and development of the sea grass eco-system play an import role as the main source of food for Dugong dugon (sea-cow) a very rare marine mammal. In Con Dao marine area, there are 8 � 12 individuals of Dugong dugon, this is the biggest marine phytophagous mammal remaining and obtaining global special attention, so far, and they are seen only in Con Dao and Phu Quoc.
+ Mangrove eco-system: the number of mangrove species in Con Dao has been clarified as 23 species; the dominant species are Rhizophora apiculata, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, and Rhizophora mucronata.
Moreover, Con Dao marine area also has marine reptiles and mammals:
-Marine mammals: There are 3 marine mammals that are usually seen in the Con Dao marine area: Long-snouted Dolphins (Stenella longirostris), Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) and Dugong dugon (Sea cow). These are under protection, especially Dugong Dugon, existing for years in Con Dao but not discovered until 1995. To date, Dugong Dugon is the species that needs attention and protection on a global scale.
-Marine reptiles: including marine turtles and marine serpents. Marine turtles: there are 2 species with big amount are living and emerging to lay eggs yearly in Con Dao National Park as: Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and Hawksbill turtle (Ertmochelys imbricata). Con Dao marine area is also the feeding biota for the Leather turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), Loggerhead turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea). With 14 egg-laying beaches, each year, the mother turtles comes to Con Dao for nesting as much as 300 individuals of mother turtles, this turtle community has been assessed as 70-80% of the total turtles nesting all over the Vietnam marine area.
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