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Ong Dung beach, Con Son island

Bai Ong Dung is an attractive rocky bay on the North Western coast of Con Son Island, a one hour walk through rainforest from the National Park headquarters. The site of one of the Park' s Forest Proection stations, it has interesting coral about 300m off shore and long rocky beach that extends all the way to the headlands at low tides. On the way to Ong Dung you will pass Ma Thien Lanh Bridge, built by prisoners under French occupation.
Wildlife highlights
- You will undoubtedly see one of Con Dao' s endemic species the Back squirrel ( Soc den Con Dao) with it's unmistakable pale striped belly. If you have a keen eye you may see rare birds such as the Pied Imperial Pigeon and Nicobar Pigeon ( the only place in Viet Nam that these birds live)
- The coral is generally best towards either edge of the bay, but on the way out don't miss an area of hard coral that has adapted to it's environment by growing outwards instead of upwards creating a haven for an amazing array of fish.
- Explore the rocky beach and the forest beach and the forest edges but be careful as you walk across the rocks. Look uot for sea cucumbers in the rock pools.
- Top tip
- Take your time as you walk through the forest and ask your guide plenty of questions
- If you want to snorkel here, check the tide times with your guide and make sure you bring fins as you needs o swim at least 300m to reach the reef. Strong sandals are agood idea for rock walking.
- There are many options for this trip. Start early morning and stay for a picnic lunch, go in the afternoon and watch the sunset, or go all day and do both.
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