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Tour to see turtles laying eggs at night at Bay Canh island

Tour to see turtles laying eggs at night at Bay Canh island
Tour to see turtles laying eggs at night at Bay Canh island
Mã tour : 03
Thời gian : 1 day/1 night
Khởi hành từ :
Điểm kết thúc :
Giá : Từ 1,850,000 đ
  • Tour to see turtles laying eggs at night at Bay Canh island



    The program to see the nesting and laying eggs of sea turtles at the island fox of Con Dao National Park is very limited in the number of visitors and has many visitors, so please register in advance to give us priority. arrange.


    Located to the east of Con Son island with area of ​​683 hectares. The whole island is covered by rainforest with wildlife distribution of endemic, rare spicies such as ebony squirrel, Con Dao black squirrel, lizards, pythons, snakes, some seabird species ...

    Mangrove forest on this island is primative grown on dead coral and sand . Although the area is not large (about 5.1 ha ) but the existence of mangrove ecosystems have contributed perfect linkage between ecosystems, such as: tropical forest, mangrove forest, seagrass beds and coral reefs .

    Bay Canh area was planned for ecological recovery and no take zone.

    Marine resources around Bay Canh have high biodiversity, with many species of marine life such as coral reefs with diverse species composition, mussels, oysters, sea cucumbers, fish live in coral reefs, sea turtles​​, sea grass, seaweed .... All should be planned as no take zone and ecological recovery which serve natural conservation .

    Cat Lon beach on the island is one of 14 turtles' breeding grounds and Con Dao is the place has the most sea turtles lay eggs in Con Dao. During the breeding season (from April to September yearly), at least 1-2 turtles come to nest, some nights there from 20-30 turtles.

    Lighthouse in the north-east of the island was built by the French in 1884 until now still working, guiding sailing in the area. Tourists walk along the mountain trail to the lighthouse can see the scenery and the majestic sky and sea in Con Dao.


    - A marine eco-tourism route by boat, which is organized and operated in the Park Visitor Center. The service includes bathing, swimming to see coral, explore mangrove forest, sightseeing, explore resources conservation activities, watching turtles lay eggs during the breeding season, see tank crab feeding in mangrove forest (at night) and release baby turtles into the sea, walking to the lighthouse, time 4-5 hours (book in advance).

    - Requirements: bring appropriate luggage, life jackets, snorkeling gears renting in Central Park. It should need a guide of National Park or the local community for guidance.

    - Time: 4-6 hours or overnight stays; Environmental capacity: up to 48 guests daytime/ 1 time, at night time: 20-25 guests.

The program includes:

- Tourist canoe

- Tickets to the National Park

- Fee for releasing baby turtles to the sea

- Fee for watching turtles lay eggs at night

- Tour guide

- Life jackets, diving goggles, snorkels

- Fruits and drinks

- Have dinner at the cum forest station

- Stay at the ranger station

Not included:
                    + VAT

                    + Personal expenses incurred outside the program

Only from 1,850,000/person
Contact us for details!

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