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Dam Tre Bay located in the north of the main island, 3km from Con Son Airport. This bay is large, deep-rooted in the land, the harmonious combination between the sea and  mountains, giving a poetic, charming  scenic bay and fresh environment.

Here is rich biodiversity of a tropical sea with mangrove forest, sea grass, coral reefs and marine space that planned no take zone.



- This is a trekking combine with boat/ speedboat trip which is organized and operated at the national park visitor center.

- Activities include: hiking, scenic nature, observing wildlife, snorkeling, explore nature conservation activities, long tail boat, watching salangane nest.

- Requirements: bring appropriate luggage. Need a guide of National Park.

- Time: 6-8 hours or more; Environmental Capacity: up to 45 guests day time/1 time, 24 guests at night.