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Located in the west of Con Son island, 2 km from beach Ong Dung with an area of ​​11 ha. Plants distribution on islands are mainly bamboo tree then so-called. Tre Nho island is a sea bird ground on the sea, annually from May to September have thousands of migratory birds from the north fly back to nest here, such as: gulls, terns birds species ...


- A marine eco-tourism route by boat, organized in the Park Visitor Center. The service includes bathing, swimming, coral viewing, sightseeing, explore the conservation of natural resources, sea bird watching, fishing.

- Requirements: bring appropriate luggage, life jackets, binoculars, snorkeling gear renting in Park. It should need a guide from National Park.

- Time: 4-6 hours or more; Environmental capacity: up to 20 guests in daytime / 1 time, at night time: 6-8 guests. It is suitable for couples, honeymoon, camping and relax in groups, family travel.