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Thursday, 30/05/2024, 21:17 GMT+7
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An 8kg hawksbill sea turtle was recently rescued by international tourists after being stranded in the Bai Vong area of Con Dao district, and returned to the ocean

On the afternoon of May 15, while on their way to Dam Tre Bay through the forest path, two visitors named Kim and Jos (tourists from the Netherlands) discovered a pile of rubbish that turned out to be a fishing net, with movement. As they approached, Jos noticed a hawksbill sea turtle trapped in the net. Without hesitation, Jos rescued the turtle and released it back into the sea. Kim, Jos's companion, captured video footage and images to report to the forest rangers.
According to the Management Board of Con Dao National Park, this is a hawksbill sea turtle weighing 8kg, and is one of the five rare sea turtle species listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.



Jos (a Dutch tourist) discovered a trapped hawksbill sea turtle in a fishing net and rescued it.

Thanks to the quick reaction of the tourist, the trapped hawksbill sea turtle was successfully saved and safely released back into the ocean, healthy and strong.


According to statistics, every year, the beaches in Con Dao havethe highest number of sea turtles nesting in Vietnam, accounting for about 80%. In 2023 alone, Con Dao National Park successfully rescued and relocated 2,262 sea turtle nests, with a total of 212,644 eggs; hatched and released 166,168 baby turtles into the ocean; tagged and monitored 392 nesting adult female turtles on the beaches in the Con Dao marine area. In addition, the Management Board of Con Dao National Park also collaborated with Con Dao Resort Company (Six Senses Con Dao) to continue implementing the plan to restore and conserve the sea turtle nesting site at Dat Doc beach, Con Dao district. In 2023, 110 nests with a total of 7,454 sea turtle eggs were relocated to the hatchery at Dat Doc beach; they hatched and released 6,644 baby turtles into the ocean, with a hatching rate of 89.13%. 
From the story of the stranded sea turtles... Con Dao has recorded cases of turtles stranded on land, trapped in fishing nets... Thanks to the valuable tourists' quick response and Con Dao forest rangers, many turtles have been successfully rescued and safely released back into the ocean. However, not all turtles are lucky, as there have been many cases of turtles dying from being trapped in nets or getting stuck in plastic waste under the ocean.


Currently, many species of sea turtles are classified as "endangered" or "critically endangered". But they still face serious threats from humans, such as hunting and egg theft.
The "rescue" of sea turtles shows that human activities have unintentionally affected the lives and caused the death of sea turtles who are facing the risk of extinction. Many legal mechanisms, conservation activities for sea turtles in particular, and wild animals in general have been strongly implemented in recent times. However, the most important thing to protect sea turtles and wildlife is the awareness of each of us.
Awareness here means love for nature, and being aware of the level of danger and threat to the natural habitat of species. In recent years, Con Dao district has implemented many activities towards the environment, such as "reducing plastic waste", "saying no to single-use plastics", and "exchanging trash for gifts"... which have attracted a lot of tourists and local people to participate. This not only reminds us of the harmful effects of plastic waste on many aspects of life but also emphasizes the importance of environmental protection in Con Dao.
When visiting Con Dao, wherever we go, the air we breathe seems to bear the imprint of its glorious 113-year history. Is it a way for Con Dao to remind us to always remember the past, appreciate the present, and be responsible for the future?
Because the "green" future of the island will depend on our actions today. When choosing eco-tourism, reducing plastic use, you are "leaving a green footprint" to build that future. Those are beautiful, unique imprints and an opportunity for you to contribute to a great and meaningful tribute to the heroic island.
See you in Con Dao when you come back, we will witness a bright and beautiful future nurtured by those green "footprints"!


Author: Xuan Da

Source: condao.com.vn. Translated by: Xuan Da

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