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Con Dao N. P. Headquarters - Ma Thien Lanh bridge - Mother Maria's cave - Ong Dung beach

Ong Dung is a small bay encroaching deep inland, about 3 km westward off the townlet center. On their way, tourists will stop for sightseeing at the historical site of Ma Thien Lanh bridge, then walking up a mount slope around 15 minutes, through the forest to reach Mother Maria's cave, this is a small cave discovered by the French, they chose this site to place Mother Maria's statue for their worship and praying during their occupancy here.
After 20 minutes walking through the tropical rain forest of Ong Dung, tourists will reach the beach, they can stop for a rest, relax at Ong Dung FP station, viewing the surrounding landscape, or snorkel diving to see the coral, the big sea escargots. In order to have the most pleasure for their ears while taking this route, visitors should start their tour before sunrise so that they can listen to many different species of birds chirping their wild concerto to wake up the day. On their way walking through the tropical rain forest, tourist should stop to read our environment explanation boards, tourists will find what they have discovered very interesting. When tourists stop to view the sunset on this beach, their tour will be complete