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Con Dao N. P. Headquarters - Co Ong - Dam Tre

Tourists can take this route by either walking through the forest or travelling by boat provided by the Park.

Walking through the forest : from the Con Dao N. P. Headquarters ,tourists will go by car or motobike toward Co Ong airfield, then walking through the tropical rainforest in nearly 2 hours. On the way, tourists will have to walk up Horse Saddle mount (Nui Yen Ngua), they can find different wildlife such as squirrels, monkeys, varans, mountain crabs and rare plants such as Lat hoa (Chukrasia tabularis), Gange Neo (Manilkara hexandra). Particularly, they can see many hundreds-of-year-old trees and many species of crippers on this route. Subsequenly, tourists will approach to Dam Tre bay. Here, tourists may visit mangrove forests, snorkling and diving to watch coral,  and observe swallow birds making their nests during the breeding season and many other marine organisms.

Travelling by boat: From the Tourism Pier, the National Park boat will take tourists toward the Northeast part of Con Son island. On the way, tourists can view the beautiful landscape of Con Son island, Lo Voi cape, Dat Doc beach, Chim Chim cape, Northeastern bay.