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Con Son island - Tai islet - Bay Canh islet

Heading to the Southeast direction of Con Son island, passing a distance of 25 minutes by boat, tourists will reach Tai islet. Here, tourists can view the panoramic landscape of Con Son afar and the surrounding islets, the boat will be moored for pleasure fishing, snorkel diving to view one of the most beautiful coral reef sites in the Con Dao marine area. The sightseeing of Marine Turtle Conservation Statio, Red-faced monkey Experimental zone, and primitive forests to view many rare forestry bird species.

 Keeping this route, after 25 minutes, the boat will reach Bay Canh islet. Here, tourists may visit the Marine Turtle Conservation Station and have a great understanding of this rare marine species conservation programs; conquer the mountain of 325m to visit the lighthouse built in 1884,which is still operative now with the radius range of 72 km, to guide ships and boats traffic, or visit the most beautiful mangrove forest among those in Con Dao, snorkling and watch coral, rest, relax at the quiet, pristine, long beach with white smooth sand. This long beach is the largest nesting beach for the Con Dao marine turtles. During their nesting season, April-November each year, tourists can stay overnight here to wait and watch their nesting and egg-laying activities, joining the task of releasing turtle hatchlings back to sea. Tourists will certainly enjoy their unforgettable experiences here.