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Departing from the Tourism pier, towards North-east to the other side of the island, and visit Tre Lon islet, then keeping heading to South east. On their jouney, tourists may view the spectacular landscape of Con Son island, Lo Voi cape, Dat Doc beach, Chim Chim cape, Northeastern bay, Dam Tre bay, crossing Ong Dung beach, Tre Nho islet.

After almost one hour, tourists will have a short stop at Tre Lon islet. The pure white-sanded beach in front of Ranger station of Tre Lon islet is also one of the largest  nesting areas for the marine turtles. Here, tourists will be introduced the sea turtle conservation program and also, interesting facts about this gentle and rare marine species.Moreover, the coral reefs here are among the most beautiful ones in Con Dao. Tourists may see a number of other marines organisms, such as:  rock oysters, fluted giant clams with  plentiful colors sparkling under the clear seawater. On the jouney back to the main island, tourists will have a chance to view the beautiful sights of Ben Dam habour, Troc islet, Ben Dam  port, Ben Dam industrial park, Ba islet, Vung islet and Shark cape.